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Cadworks™ is not just a building – it is a place that puts people and planet first. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of environmental performance and aim to contribute to positive social outcomes.

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We are WELL Gold ready, which means we incorporate the latest thinking on how a building can help you feel physically and mentally healthier, and ready to take on whatever challenges life throws at you.

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BREEAM is the leading standard for environmental sustainability, and we aim to achieve the exceptional ‘Excellent’ standard.

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EPC ‘A’ rated.



Wellness is an increasingly important part of the workplace, and we want to empower you and your workforce to make healthier lifestyle choices. From filtered water, lighting that adapts to your natural rhythms, clean air and green plants, we’ve got your best you in mind.

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If our tenants are at the heart of Cadworks™, our work with local community groups is our very soul. We work with Soul Riders, for example, on their bike donation drive for the refugee community.

Soul Riders refurbishes bicycles which are then put back into marginalised communities in order to help them access education and work and avoid isolation.

“We want to see Glasgow become a Flagship Community Cycling City, where cycling is supported, encouraged and developed. To see Cadworks™ create office space in the City Centre that has completely prioritised cycling over cars, takes the City significantly closer to this aim.”

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